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Sunday, June 26, 2011

What's your story Morgan Connoley?

Name - Morgan

Artistic medium: 

I'm a designer by trade so initially I'd say my mac, but along with my mac comes pen, water colour, texta, ink, paint, fabrics, papers, pencil, grey lead... anything I can get my hands on really

Where in the virtual world can we find you and/or your work? (websites, blogs etc.)

My professional work can be found on our work website

My illustrations can be found on www.hindsightandnostalgia.blogspot.com

And my work for purchase can be found on my etsy shop

Ballyhoo Art, Ryrie Street Geelong
McQueens on Pako, Pakington Street Geelong (coming soon!)

Where do you hail from? 


Describe yourself in a couple of punchy words? 

creative, restless & easily bored

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be doing? 

Marketing or curating

What’s the subject matter of your current collection?

Females, shoes and LOTS of them.

If you could meet anyone who would it be?
Too many to name... but Fafi, Freddy Mercury, Andy Warhol, Patricia Piccinnini, Kim Kardashian (!) & Bethany from Best Coast just to name a few...

Are you currently exhibiting or do you plan on doing so in the future?

Not at present, I'm happy getting my work out there via my blog and etsy for the time being. If a revolutionary concept hits me for an exhibition then yeah, I'll have another one.

What inspires your work the most out of everything in this world? Women, especially models, clothing, patterns, fabric, colour, colour palette websites, fashion blogs & websites, old photos of the beautiful models, the real models, magazines... you get the picture.

Could you give us a hint of what your next collection might entail? 

See above!

Throw us a few names of some influential artists you may drool over? 

Are you ready...
Fafi, Caitlin Shearer, Rebecca Wetzler, Laine Fraser, Natayan, Emma Leonard, Sarah (
www.sarahlovesdrawing.blogspot.com), Joseph Szabo, Thomas Campbell, Kelly Smith (www.birdyandme.com.au) and many, many more

If you were sent to an abandoned Caribbean Island and could only bring 5 items, what would you bring?

My camera, my medication, pen & sketchpad(that's 1 not 2...), my mac & my ipod

What was the last song you played on your Ipod?

Sleighbells - Tell 'em

Is there anything burning inside you right now that you want to share with us? 

Nope :):)

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