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Friday, April 29, 2011

Sexuality and the Song of Songs

When the masterminds behind this blog first asked me to write on the theme of ‘sexuality’ I was stumped. 

 What could a born-again Christian, someone who puts God first and considers sex a gift something to share within marriage, possibly have to write about?

I was all ready to put the proverbial tape over my mouth, shrug with lack of inspiration and, instead of spending time writing, take up golf instead. Or become a mildly proficient performer of the harmonica, scheming ways to play ten pin bowling with my recycling on Bin Night, that kind of thing.

Zzzzip. That was the sound of me whoosing past this month’s issue, sadly bypassing the opportunity to contribute for lack of content. Bye Anna, see you next month!

Then I remembered the Song of Songs. When talking about ‘sexuality’ I almost* can just copy/paste straight from this book to just present you with an insight on sexuality, from a Christian perspective.

Quick background: this is the story of a very famous king (like the Brad Pitt meets Justin Beiber (for the tweens reading this!) meets George Clooney meets Bill Gates type of guy. And this girl, “normal” girl, worked out in the fields – almost like a “commoner marries Prince” type story.

So, it’s their love story. Cut to the chase, after an engagement (where they spend time hanging out around apple trees, talking and being cute & in love) they get married.

Then, once they’re married they start to say stuff like:

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth – for your love is more delightful than wine.” (Her)
She says, “Take me away with you – let us hurry! Let the king bring me into his chambers.”

She also says other complimentary stuff about him: “My lover is to me a sachet of myrrh resting between my breasts.” . . .

And he just adores her, and constantly makes her feel special: “How beautiful you are, my darling” etc.

And she’s sweet to him too like, “How handsome you are, my lover.”

(You can tell they really dig each other!)

There are some other things in here, as well, things that might make you blush even but between the two of them, there’s no shame.

It’s like, for them, being safe yet free in each other’s love within their marriage, they just delight in each other.

And the girl says to her friends, “Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” It’s like a Facebook status she wrote, warning her mates. If her husband king was on FB as well, I’m sure it would have said: “King Solomon likes this status.”

People say, “You don’t buy a car until you test drive it” but when you find the car you really want – a brand new BMW – you actually don’t have to do that.

You don’t need to take it for a 20 min test drive to know it’s the car you want. You could but you don’t have to.

When/if you have a new baby and it’s there at the hospital you’re not (assuming here …) going to take your baby home, see how he or she fits in around your house, see if they suit you and align with your lifestyle and preferences. If they don’t suit you, just return them. 

And then, at the hospital, maybe check out another baby; take it home and see how that one goes … and continue this process until you find the one that’s the “one?”

Is this the kindest way to do things, both to the baby and to yourself?

No-one in their right mind would do this because they know in their hearts that even if the baby cries (it will) and disturbs their pre-conceived lifestyle (it will), that is the right baby for them, something that goes beyond the
“try before you buy” draw card. Surpasses the “Call now and get free steak knives, with a 6 week money back guarantee” idea.

Sometimes, that’s what our world tells us regarding sexuality. To call Danoz Direct and try a billion things and put things on lay by and buy something but just disregard (exchange or refund)t if it’s not up to scratch.

But, in the Song of Songs and actually being a Christian, it’s somewhat different. That kind of sexulity and sexual intimacy is something beautiful but exclusive: shared just between a husband and wife.

“Guys! Check this out,” the chick from Song of Songs – if she was around in our day and talking to our Gen Y, Gen Z generation might paraphrase. Dudes! “Listen up, yo.”

And then she says: “Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.”

Yes, that’s a re tweet of what she said earlier, thanks @LadyfromSongofSongs!

Again, perhaps the modern equivalent is this: “Just hang ten, chill out – sex is a wonderful gift but wait until it’s all good, till you’re married and it’s the right timing.”

But it’s worth it.

As some wise quote I once heard says, “Anything gained quickly we don’t appreciate but we cherish things we took a while to get.” Or something like that, anyway.

*Almost- would be cheating, wouldn’t it! You’re welcome to check out all the references I’ve quoted form, they’re in Song of Songs ch. 1 & 2

Anna K

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Nigel Stefani

Ridden with charm, hilarity, eyeliner and a copious amount of energy I met the talented Nigel Stefani and his luscious girlfriend through friends at the most recent Meredith Music Festival. Upon introduction, he wore an admirable fur coat (jealousy roared quietly inside of me) and ripped jeans as cigarette smoked lingered around us.
It was no wonder that the young man generated some impressive artwork. In relation to TTBA’s current theme ‘Sex, Drugs Rock & Roll’ I deem it highly necessary that followers be introduced to this fellow as he could quite possibly be mistaken as a Rock star of some sort. R XX

Artistic medium:

Where in the virtual world can we find you and/or your work?

Where do you hail from?
My mum. Before that, part of my dad.

Describe yourself in a couple of punchy words?
Boom. BOOM!

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be doing?
For some reason, sailing was the first thing that sprung into my head. I can’t sail. So perhaps wearing hats somewhere? Does that count? Couldn’t really imagine not doing something artistic really…

What’s the subject matter of your current collection?
It’s called ‘Couche’ which loosely means layers in French. It’s simply an experiment in composition and how one creates imagery in a particular way.

If you could meet anyone who would it be?
Keith Richards; Keith Richards; Keith Richards.

Are you currently exhibiting or do you plan on doing so in the future?
Just finished exhibitions in Australia for ‘Couche’ working on some private commissions for the next month.
What inspires your work the most out of everything in this world?
There isn’t one thing at all – It can be anything really. Can be simply down to my mood sometimes.

Could you give us a hint of what your next collection might entail?

Throw us a few names of some influential artists you may drool over?
Jeff Koons; Peter Blake; Johnny Depp; Miro; Egon Schiele; David Hockney (only his photo montages); Tim Walker; Tim Burton.

If you were sent to an abandoned Caribbean Island and could only bring 5 items, what would you bring?
Ipod (with everlasting battery); A knife; tobacco; toilet rolls; a pencil.

What was the last song you played on your Ipod?
Gustavo Santaolalla from the motorcycle diaries soundtrack

Is there anything burning inside you right now that you want to share with us?
Sad music inspires me more than happy music. Try it - if you’re feeling creatively stuck, then go for a walk and listen to some sad songs – BUT once cracking back into it, switch to happy music – you’ll work harder than you did before.

Thanks a lot TTBA - Peace. N x

Monday, April 25, 2011


Music & Arts Festival April 30th 2011

Melbourne’s Forum Theatre will play host to the main festival event, on APRIL 30th 2011.

Featuring artists such as AA (USA), Brous, Canyons, Collarbones, Coolies (NZ)
And Visual Artists such as Ainslie Fletcher, Alex Kopps, Beci Orpin and my own personal favourite THOMAS CAMPBELL (USA)

Thomas Campbell is a Californian based, self-taught painter, sculptor, photographer, and filmmaker who splits his time between his painting/ sculpture/ stuff making studio in California and travelling the globe making films.

In his ‘artist statement’ Campbell said

‘Well, i am not a huge fan of using words to describe art and every time I am asked to write an artist statement my gut instinct is just to say “Um, I make stuff”;. And in reality, that is what i do, I am a creative person by nature and by trial and error – and I just enjoy adapting to different creative scenario’s and moving with them.

If I was arm wrestled into stating what my work is about.. I would say that the basic theme’s are affirmational in a self referential sense…using wordage like “Sing ding aling”; or  “The present is the presen” to make a personal road sings to say, “Wake up dummy & by thankful for what is and what can be”. In general I really rather people have there own unhindered experience with the work.’

Saturday he will be painting LIVE at Melbourne’s Forum theatre in front of an audience of fans, tickets are $65 and available through ticketmaster

For more Info, visit the official site


Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Erotic Tales of Anais Nin

When you hear the word ‘Erotic’, it is not uncommon to initially imagine a tacky Mills & Boon novel with a glossy 1980’s style cover adorned with well sculpted models posing some sort of ridiculous fantasy. You may even let out an impulsive scream of the word ‘Lame’ or possibly you would even release a raucous and strident laugh along with a few accidental snorts.
My original opinion on Erotic literature was that the storyline’s were more than often cheesy and rather lame however, by chance, I managed to accidentally stumble over some quite tasteful and eloquent reading of its kind.

I have always thoroughly enjoyed reading Anais Nin’s journals. Her perceptions, insightful opinions and strong femininity, written poetically and articulately, express true realism and in particularly frustration towards the conservative culture of modern life in her era. Consequentially, I found that she wrote some intriguing EROTICA!

‘A model’ laid weathered in a surf coast opportunity shop for a lousy 50c. I bought it knowing that I would enjoy anything written by Anais herself, I skipped reading the blurb as it was a thrifty purchase with no need of justification.

On a rainy afternoon, sometime after this classic purchase, I began to read the collection of seven erotic tales of sensuous sexual fantasy. I read the entire book in the tiny span of two hours. Perhaps the very reason some of us cringe at the idea of reading erotica is that we are a little frightened we might actually enjoy it.

For TTBA viewers that have yet to have read any of Anais Nin's Erotica, some of the tales amongst the collection are a little confronting and may make you feel far from stimulated, but considering her literature spans from the years of 1931-1977, I personally consider her style to be tender in regards to the sexuality of women with little derogative material with more femininely liberating connotations for its time. The scenarios she unravels are realistic, delicate, charming and quite possibly (depending on the individual) identifiable.

I have some hearty advice for TTBA’s sisters : savour a spot in your bookcase for a little piece of Anais Nin Erotica for you might just release a hound inside of you.
Rischenda xx

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A bad yet beautiful seed

The minute TTBA had agreed on the April theme ‘SEX, DRUGS, ROCK & ROLL’, I very naturally felt compelled to pay homage to the lyrical genius, Nick Cave.
As a young girl, my mother often would sit me on her lap as we would harmonize along with the poetic ballads beautifully created by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Both of us would tilt our heads whilst  at times our minds  would wander and fantasize about him gloriously serenading our individual selves. Romanticism bled out of our hearts to his compositions and as I have matured into today, I admit that Nick Cave will forever possess a little spot in my heart. 
His tragic, dark, yet picturesque appearance has always woo’d me, his impressionable love affair with PJ Harvey has charmed me and the projects he has been involved in I always seem to find myself infatuated with. Above all, his music with the bad seeds is some of the most moving, influential, eclectic and brilliant work I have come across in my life so far. 
Perhaps this humble and engraved love I have for the man could partly be as a result of my fond memories of how his music always brings my mother and I close together. 
I adore the thoughts provoked in his poetry, the realism he expresses along with common identifiable emotions that, in all honesty, we can all relate to in some way or another.
Every word spoken is hearty, humane and honest. Sometimes you weep and smile humbly and sometimes your blood warms to levels that cause emotions to roar out of you. 
Each project and album is quite different from one another, and its quite difficult to categorize or isolate Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds into a particular genre as they forever fashion differing work
God Bless Nick Cave and his mighty Bad Seeds
Rischenda xx


Monday, April 11, 2011

SUGARBABE By Holly Hill*

"Attractive, professional, well-spoken, well-dressed 35-year-old woman seeks sugar daddy. 

I live in Darlinghurst on a 17th floor unit with fantastic skyline views to the harbour. The unit also features very discreet and secure undercover guest parking. I am looking for exclusivity so will (theoretically) be available to you 24 x 7. I am single and don't have any children. 

I am also a fabulous cook and can provide gourmet meals should you require them. I am a qualified psychologist so I make an excellent listener, and I have a great love of conversation. I have also worked for many years in public relations so am a clever, charming companion in just about any situation. I love sex. I will require a generous weekly allowance in return for all of the above".

After leaving her successful career as a psychologist in Sydney, Australia (at the request of her married, wealthy, 'amex black' flashing boyfriend), Holly Hill* finds herself broke and lonely when her boyfriend suddenly gets guilty and goes back to his wife..

With a mortgage she can't afford and her savings slowly dwindling, Holly Hill places an online advertisement, encouraged by an 'open-minded' friend, for a 'Sugar Daddy'.

SUGARBABE is a real life account, of a real woman's experiences with this thought provoking and sometimes hilarious social experiment; a detailed account of the responses she receives, the interviews she carries out (over 30!) and the meetings with the men she finally settles on.

MC's rating 5 STARS!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Get those Louboutins ready – MTV is taking fashion to some serious new heights!

Hosted by the one and only (and my own personal fashion muse) Ruby Rose ... 

'MTV Style' kicks off 9:30pm Tuesday April 12th and will present a fresh new look at all things fashion, style and music. 

From Australia to New York, to Tokyo, 'MTV Style' will go in search of the hottest new trends, fads and striking styles - from style leaders to up-and-coming talent, interior designers to artists and models to venue designers. Also exploring the major influence that music has on todays fashions.

Be sure to tune in, or IQ it for later!


Monday, April 4, 2011

TTBA's Lookbook Shoot

Modelled By Yours Truly


MC & Rischenda

To Those Born After | Issue 3

TTBA  |  Issue 3 'Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll' starts ... TODAY 
(A little delay, but better late than never hey?)