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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Whats Your Story Yahav?

Name – Yahav Ron,
Paris ‘99
Paris ‘99
4/6 Ormond Rd Elwood 3184 (Call as strictly by appointment only)
Yahav Ron 0424 583 409

Artistic medium:

Fashion daahling! I have long been possessed by the art of fabric manipulation and construction.
My two current projects feed off each other. As a Fashion Design graduate from RMIT I am enjoying working on one off commissions and little collections, and at the same time I have Paris ’99, Melbourne’s most exclusive and best kept secret designer resale salon in my lovely space in Elwood. Here I source (always internationally) amazing pieces from the highest end labels from all over the world and share these with friends of the salon to incorporate into their wardrobes. My work feeds how I choose pieces, and the pieces I bring help to inspire and shape my work!

Where in the virtual world can we find you and/or your work?  

The website is http://www.paris99.net/ , however it’s in infancy stage and a big overhaul is coming. I’m also currently working on Twitter, Facebook and a blog which will all surface soon too. The best place is find it is really at the salon itself as I’m a great believer in the sensual nature of fashion; touch, and how the fabric feels, to me is really the most important sense before other things come along too.

Where do you hail from?

I was born in the world’s holiest city, Jerusalem; migrated to Melbourne at the tender age of 6 and since then have spent long periods of time in Amsterdam and Antwerp (I’m a bit of a Belgaphile). Just last week I moved the salon into the most gorgeous space in Elwood, overlooking the main roundabout with all the cafes and a stone’s throw from the beach.

Describe yourself in a couple of punchy words?

Creative obsessee!

If you weren’t a fashionisto, what would you be doing?

That’s a very hard question to answer; I honestly hadn’t given it much thought. For as long as I can remember I’ve shaped my life to include, much more than what is healthy, fashion.

What’s the subject matter of your current collection?

Within my work I explore the juxtaposition of tailoring and drape, I guess it’s a soft tailoring, where the fabric drapes but is given anchor points to refer it back to the body. I like big shapes that are made from large pieces of fabric that use folding to create shape. For Paris ’99 I really buy piece by piece, whatever catches my eye, be it the fabric, a single detail such as an amazing button, a great print or wonderful pattern design. Living in Europe gave me great opportunity to circulate amongst people with great wardrobes and too much money! They have access to such amazing clothes and most of what I get comes from them.
If you could meet anyone who would it be?

Im bad at this question. I’d love to meet Cameron Silver from Decades and pick his brain about vintage fashion, he’s very good at it of course. I’d like to meet Dries Van Noten as well, but I literally rubbed shoulders with him at a party in Antwerp so I’m not sure if that counts?

Are you currently exhibiting or do you plan on doing so in the future?

I am always exhibiting at Paris ’99 Elwood, I intermix my work within the other designers’ clothes and play with things on the mannequins. And the whole way the space is run means that everything is continually curated; sometimes by colour, by mood, by how one would organise a wardrobe, it’s always changing.

What inspires your work the most out of everything in this world?

Like I said I’m a Belgaphile, so that deconstructed aesthetic really speaks to me. However a lot of my work is physically found in nature, the stain on a rock, the decay in a leaf. I take these non fashion related occurrences and place them into a fashion context, by a cut, a print, a particular technique which emulates the feeling behind the inspiration.

Could you give us a hint of what your next collection might entail?

A bit more of the same, I’m always reworking my methods but instead of folding being the main mechanism it might be wrapping. I’m liking triangles at the moment, in all scales all over the body.

Throw us a few names of some influential designer you may drool over?

Olivier Theyskens (own work as well as Rochas and Nina Ricci), Azzedine Alaia, Gianni Versace, Tom Ford, Iris Van Herpen, Jean Paul Gaultier, all designers who have a real signature to their work, and work within their established vision, but make a new thing of it with every collection.

If you were sent to an abandoned Caribbean Island and could only bring 5 items, what would you bring?

My speedo boardies, they’re very comfy.
Everlasting sunscreen, as I burn far too easily (Polish heritage…)
A lifetime subscription to Vogue, to stay abreast of fashion even though I’d have no use for it.
This is too hard, I’d probably try to build a raft to get back to civilisation!

What was the last song you played on your Ipod?

That would be PJ Harvey’s Electric Light, a bass heavy haunting cut from her often overlooked 1998 album ‘Is This Desire’.

Is there anything burning inside you right now that you want to share with us?

Tomorrow night I’m putting on a Soiree at Paris ’99 with champagne, pate, Paris toasts and cheeses, not to mention fabulous fashion finds with donations to Cervical cancer research, I wish you could all come! There’s always the next one of course…

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